frank rae – the leaving kind

Concept + productie
CLIENT: Frank rae

When Frank asked us to make his new album, that comes on vinyl, in to a visual story we first thought. What do you mean? 

Then he wrote extra stories additional to the lyrics which we transformed later in to a voice over. This is how we we’re able to create a short film on each song. The album is now available to listen, but also to watch! 


To work with a soundscape in the right key, we we’re able to use single sounds of the songs as a basis to the films. Then we started to translate the written stories in to images and tried to make it as personal as possible. The films are a one on one fit to the record. We take the listeners on a visual journey throughout the record. 

behind the scenes

Director: Lars Cleven

Writer/musician: Frank Spierings

DOP: Lars Cleven

AC: Jelle Bokelmann

Producer: Lotte Spierings

Soundscapes: Bob Willekens

Studio: Rtstudio

Edit: Lars Cleven