Concept + productie

Hoptille is a street in the H-neighborhood of Amsterdam south-east between the Amsterdamse Poort and Heesterveld. This well-known and dynamic neighborhood in the bustling city district is within walking distance of the arena. It has (been) in the news a lot for the better and the worse, but today it is mainly a place with positivity and potential. Colorful, multicultural and a lot of talent.

You make a neighborhood nicer together.


Together, you can make a neighborhood better. Regardless of the theme in the neighborhood or in people’s homes, the various problems that arise do not resolve themselves. And these days they do not dissolve unilaterally. A strongly connected network is needed, in which residents are empowered and where the professionals of the municipality, healthcare, housing and public space work closely with creatives, content makers, influencers, artists, companies, sports and culture. This radically different approach is more relevant today than ever. Watch this movie to get a feel for this working method at number 183 of Hoptille.


Director: Lars Cleven

Producer: Arjen Heus

Producer: Juanita

Executive producer:

D.O.P: Lars Cleven

Edit: lars Cleven

VFX: Wouter van Tertholen

Voice Over: Cezan

Animaties: Toon Rooijmans